THE OH-project

The OH-project, a trans-disciplinary research project including artists, scholars and scientists, investigates the ways unresolved narratives of the present and the concepts of ecology, active citizenship and the future unfold in the shifting geopolitical conditions and emerging new waters of the Arctic. The project is located at a former checkpoint patrol position at the abandoned Nato-base on Reykjanes, Iceland. It draws on and is motivated by the site‘s transformation from a private fenced off system to a public civilian site. The site is currently being developed as Ásbrú Enterprise park – a community of innovation in technology, energy , science and creative industries. “Artifacts” of the Cold War, remain on the property, reminders of the past and current challenges albeit in a different context, with international co-operation, protection and exploitation. The North Atlantic, faces complications and new challenges es as the ice cap melts and the ‘Warm War’ unfolds.  This transitional space currently undergoing a “clean up” process provides a platform to generate future visions and raise larger questions that address our troubled grounds of being in the Anthropocene.